Friday, August 29, 2014

Why Pay and Incorporate Online Giving?

Fees Fees and More Fees

Shouldn't an organization receive all of it's donations free of charge? When you give in a check or cash you receive all of the money not just some of it right? Why should my church, organization, or fundraiser have to have a portion of the donation taken away in fees?

These are the questions plaguing the non-profit world. Lets face it, we don't want to have to pay fees just to collect donations we work so hard to get in the first place. Our charity runs off and needs those donations to keep doing the good work of making this world a better place, right? Then why pay the fees?

A common misconception: Charities keep all check and cash donations.

Yes, they do and they don't in a way. Charities need to pay staff members so the charity can exist. In addition, they have to buy accounting software, CRM software, and maybe even pay monthly fees for different software that they use. These are fees that take away from the donation. In addition, online giving is a service and really should be seen is similar terms as accounting software, church crm, snail mailing printouts, etc. Yes, I know it's one more cost to the list but just like those other things you pay for it is worth it. Plus, online giving can increase your bottom line!

Where does that money go that you pay in fees to online giving?

It goes towards new technology features to make the online, mobile, and kiosk giving process easier for you! It also goes to the salary of the customer service people that help you out when you have a question. Thirdly, it goes to the physical and government regulated movement of money from one bank account to the next so that you receive your donation. Lastly, that small fee keeps that service around for you to use!

Why Invest?

You probably already know why, because your donors have been asking you for an easy electronic giving avenue, right? This is the best answer. You need to make the donations process easy for the donor so that they continue to donate and thats why we have built you all these tools to accommodate them!

How it can benefit you.

Crowdfunding and electronic giving has proven to increase donations to charity. Crowdfunding allows your cause to go viral receiving donations from friends of friends of your donors. Those would be donations you never would have received! Mobile and Kiosk options allow your organization receive donations at social events when someone wants to use their ACH or Credit card to donate. Using electronic giving and in-person giving at the same time will only increase your chances for more donations.

Recurring donations are huge. People get busy all the time and cannot make it to social gatherings to donate. Recurring donations can be set up one time and can stay setup for out to three years! Plus you can budget your charity better when you can count on recurring donations. This will take out the gaps in your giving and make giving more regular.

Accommodate your giver. The bottom line is the donor. You need to be able to accommodate all avenues that they wish to give. This is what keeps them giving to you.

With online and in-person giving it never hurts to do both! Your giving can only increase with more giving avenues!


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