Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to get People to Notice your Fundraiser.

Fundraising is hard work! You have a great cause and you need people to donate to you. You want to meet your fundraising goal, but how do you do it?

Everyone who wants to have a successful personal fundraiser need to learn marketing. Marketing may sound intimidating at first but it is actually very simple and easy for you to do. Here are some basic marketing tips for you to make your fundraiser a success!

If you need to start a fundraiser click here.

You need to Catch the Reader's Attention:

Your Title: The title of your fundraiser needs to point to exactly what your fundraiser is for. For example if you are raising money for a friend who has cancer make your title. "Help Ashley Beat Cancer"

This catches the readers attention with key words. "Ashley", this is someones name. By putting the persons name in the title you bring a personal relationship to your readers. "Help", this is a call to action that the reader will see as "what is my part in this tragedy". "Beat Cancer", this is the specific reason for your fundraiser. You want to raise money for medical and more specifically cancer.

Your Mission Statement: Your mission statement is extremely important for the sake of your fundraiser. It is what shows up when someone shares your page on their twitter. Limit your mission statement to one sentence. You can even repeat your title if it clearly defines your fundraiser. Remember key words are what people will pull away from your fundraiser. If you want to tell a story or write a paragraph do so in your description statement and not your mission.

Videos and Pictures: Give your fundraiser a picture or video. Let your readers know that this is a real fundraiser and you really have a genuine cause.

Share, Share, Share: If people don't know about it how will they know to donate? Share on facebook, share on twitter, and bring attention to your fundraiser. Start a blog. Sell t-shirts or wrist bands. The point is to keep people talking and thinking about it.

If you have comments share them below!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Make a Donation

To make a donation or set up a recurring donation follow these easy steps.

1) Find your church or fundraiser by searching for them in the search bar. Click on their name in the list of search results or click on the Donate Now button under their name:

2) When you click on their name you will be brought to the profile page where you can click on Donate Now

3)   If you would like to make multiple donations click on "Give Another Donation for:" and enter the amount you would like to give for each individual project. 

4) To make your donation recurring click on the "Periods" drop down tab and click your preferences. 

5) Finish filling in your information on how you would like to pay for your donation. If you are giving as a guest you will be required to provide an email address so Continue to Give can send you a receipt! 

6) To complete and finalize your gift scroll to the bottom and click on "Donate Now"

If you have any questions or need assistance call 800-684-0550!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Upgrade Announcement!

Continue to Give now allows split donations!

Now giving multiple donations to multiple projects has never been easier! Simply add another donation for and add your amount. You can even make the entire donation recurring!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.07.47 AM

Split donations are also available for mobile and kiosk donation avenues!

Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Use Your Text to Donate Numbers

If you don't already know your Continue to Give online giving platform comes with a free text to donate number. You can use this number for anything, print it on flyers, in the church bulletin on newsletters, etc.

But how do they work?

Here is a step by step guide to using your text to donate numbers:

1. You can find your text to donate numbers on your dashboard or on your profile page on the right hand side in the green column under "Spread the Word" and "Go Mobile"

2. Use the 10 digit number as the contact and the other number as your personal text number as shown below:

3. Once you send the text Continue to Give will respond with your link so your givers can click and give! It's that simple!

Don't forget for each profile page you create it has it's own unique Text to Donate number! That means for every project, missionary, and giving page you will have separate numbers to advertise differently!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Continue to Give teaming up with Elvanto!

Continue to Give is proud to announce the partnership with Elvanto to bring a fully integrated online giving platform with all your Elvanto accounting and church management software! 

No more exporting CSV files and setup is easy with your API key. Everything is automatically updated as people give to your general fund as well as any projects or special accounts you need to keep track of. Now you can put a smile on your bookkeepers face!

If you are interested in learning more about Elvanto and their accounting software for churches you can visit them at

If you would like to learn about how your current Elvanto software connects to your Continue to Give giving platform click here.

If you provide a service to churches and would like to integrate with Continue to Give's online giving platforms email us at with the subject "partnership"!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our Partners

Continue to Give offers many different partnership programs. We want to give our clients the best service for electronic giving and make the process smooth and easy with new integrations.

Some of our partnerships include church accounting softwares, kiosk stand resellers, church website design companies, and many more.

If you offer a product or service that would synergize with Continue to Give's services for online, mobile, facebook, or kiosk giving we would love to partner with you!

Many of our partnership programs offer financial compensation.

If you are interesting in becoming a partner of Continue to Give email us at

Friday, October 17, 2014

Upgrade Announcement for Continue To Give

Video Profile Pictures!

Continue to Give has upgraded your profile picture settings!

Now you can have videos set to your profile image! As soon as someone comes to your site the video you choose will start playing and allow for an interactive experience between your cause and your givers!

Having a video playing as soon as someone looks at your profile can be a great benefit to you and your givers. You can be interactive, set a personal tone, and give real life examples of what your givers are helping with.

To Upload a Video:

1. Find your video on youtube or Vimeo
2. Go to your profile page, then click on your videos tab
3. Copy your video link/URL into the space provided
4. Choose to set the video as your profile image
5. Save
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.28.43 PM

To Set an Existing Video as the Profile Image:

1. Go to your profile page, then click on your videos tab
2. Next to the video you want to choose click the "Set this video as pages profile image"
We believe in innovation! If you have ideas for features that you need comment below!

Monday, October 6, 2014

7 things you could be doing to increase giving!

1. Accept donations on your Facebook page:

2. Accept donations on your organization's website:

3. Start a Mobile Campaign with your own QR Code and Text to Donate number!

4. Create a Project!

5. Keep an up-to-date blog or newsletter!

6. Send out personal emails to already participating givers thanking them for their donation and asking if they would consider setting up a recurring donation every month.

7. Give away or sell fundraising merchandise!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adding Another Recipient for Donations

Do you need multiple people to receive emails when a donation happens?

Follow these easy steps to add more emails to your account!

1. While logged in go to your dashboard by clicking on the "Home" button.

Make sure you are managing your organization's account and not your administration account. How you know is look in the upper right corner of the screen and see what name and picture appear next to the Home button. To learn more about navigating your account click here.

2. Click on the "Fundraising Setup" tab.

3. Fill in your emails and then scroll to the bottom and click save!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Collect Donations On Facebook!

Collect donations on Facebook

You can add a badge to your Facebook Page! Just Follow These Step by Step instructions. If you need to sign up for a continue to give account click here!

  1. (Skip this step if you already have a page for your organization) First, you need a Facebook page to post to. Please note, this is not your Facebook profile, it is a "Page", such as an organization or fan page. Click here to make one if you don't have one already.
  2. Then, you need to add our Facebook App to your Facebook "Page". To do that, simply click here and allow access.
  3. Go to the Facebook page you added, then click on the tab link for Continue To Give.
    FaceBook FaceBook
  4. On that page, you will see a search feature. Use that to find the cause you want to fundraise for on your Facebook page.
  5. When you find the cause you want, click the "Choose this Cause" button!
  6. Now you are ready, this is what people will see when they click your donate button.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Increase your donations with these tips

Let's face it fundraising can be difficult. You have such a great cause and you are really making this world a better place but you need funding to keep making this happen.

How do you get people's attention and show them that you need help? This is the question charities around the world are facing. Fundraising seems to take time away from doing the actual cause itself!

Here are some tips to boost your fundraising so you can spend more time on doing what you feel called to do.

1. Be personal. Get on the phone or send an email that speaks in plain language about your cause. When you take the time to personally reach out to someone over the phone ask for a recurring donation to be set up. This effort will be well worth your time in the end.

2. Have a mission statement, description, and a clear call to action. Answer the question of why am I asking people for money and why should they give to me instead of a different charity. 

3. Show an amount, a time frame, and what the money will go towards and ask for recurring sponsorships for that specific thing. Set up a projects for each amount that people can donate towards For example, have a project call "Feed a hungary Child for a Week." Then set an amount like $30 and have a call to action that states 'that by setting up a recurring donation weekly in the amount of $30 to that project, that donor will be keeping a child from starving'.

4. Have a giving thermometer of some kind that fills as you reach your fundraising goal. This way if it's low then people will give because they feel bad it's low. If it's high, people will give because they want to see it finish it's goal

5. Have a nice thank you letter with suggestions of other projects they can support. Make sure to add pictures!

6. Have easy donation avenues on your website that are clearly visible to the giver.

Need to set up online giving? Click Here. 

7. Have pictures! Don't overlook this. People want to hear and see what you are doing. Put pictures up of your projects and cause. Let donors get a feel for what its like.

If you would like to share other tips from your fundraiser or would like to comment on these tips comment below!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

21st Century Giving in the Church!

Have you found it harder and harder to maintain consistent tithes on a weekly basis?
Well if this is the case and you are struggling to Increase Tithes and Offerings, then this message might be just what you have been looking for.

At, we are dedicated to building & delivering revolutionary online fundraising tools designed to help you meet your congregation's financial goals, and to help support your missions and outreach programs.

We offer you Three Simple Solutions to fit today's Online Trends:

1. An Offering Kiosk
2. Mobile Tithing(via smart phones & tablets)
3. Online Tithing(via laptops and desktops)

Getting started is simple and absolutely free!

Just visit our website at, or give us a call at 800.684.0550 to see how simple and easy it is to get started on the path to more tithes and offerings every week.

If You'll Act now, you can receive $200 off your first Kiosk Stand order!

Click Here to Get Started!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Successful Fundraising!

We love to see you reach your fundraising goals!

We interviewed Krista with Chances 4 Children who was raising money for women in Haiti to learn how to make jewelry to make a sustainable living for their families. We talked to Krista to see what fundraising methods she used to reach her fundraising goal with Continue to Give and to see how Krista liked working with us! Below are Krista's answers.

1. What tools did you use the most? Donor tracking, online giving profile, and social media crowdfunding tools.

2. Were you happy with Continue to Give's rates? Yes!

3. Did you have anything creative that you used us for? Crowdfunding and sharing on social media. 

4. How would you rate using Continue to Give and our tools on a scale from 1 to 10? 10!

5. Would you use Continue to Give again for fundraising? Yes!

Krista also commented:  Fundraising with Continue to Give was Great! Donors said it was really easy! Faith based!

See how your fundraiser can take off just like Chances 4 Children! Set one up today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

See why everyone is choosing Continue to Give to Fundraise for their Adoption!

We know adoption is expensive and raising the needed funds can be difficult. That is why we are here to help you!

Remember you are not alone! A lot of families have fundraised for their adoption and have exceeded their fundraising goal amount and you can to!

Continue to Give offers adopting family the chance to collect donations online, on Facebook, and through mobile devices. Your fundraiser will reach its goal by allowing you to accept Credit Card donations from anyone who feels lead to give to your adoption!

We want to give you the chance to tell your story to the world and let the world help make your goal possible!

Here is why families are choosing Continue to Give:

1. We give you your own fundraising profile page with a custom URL!

2. We give you the ability to connect, share, and crowdfund with your social media pages!

3. We give you the ability to accept online donations from anyone anywhere in the world!

4. We offer you all different ways to receive donations! Mobile, Facebook, Blog, Online!

5. We take care of the receipting for you and you can add your custom message!

6. We offer you the chance to tell your story by connecting your blog to your Continue to Give profile so everyone can stay involved!

7. We connect you with a profile manager to give you insight and ideas to make your fundraiser a success!

8. Make an online adoption silent auction and let your bidders pay on your Continue to Give profile!

9. We bring you a community of support! 

10. We have the lowest rates! Compare our rates to GoFundMe and you will see that we charge HALF as much! That’s a big difference! Don't lose out on your donation by paying transaction costs.

How to Get Started? Click Here!

Create a personal fundraising page. Put up pictures. Tell your story. Share it with your friends! Watch your world thermometer climb to the top of your fundraising goal! Bring your child home!