Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four Easy Avenues to Collect Donations

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

Let's get you started by setting up 4 easy ways for you to receive donations! Once you are set up, donors will be able to give by mobile, online, kiosk, or Facebook avenues. This will allow you to cater to a multitude of preferences.


Four Easy Ways to Get Set Up to Receive Donations!

QR Code
Click this button on your Continue to Give profile page to get your free QR code!


QR Codes and Text to Donate numbers allow people to easily donate right on their smartphones.

Print your QR code and Text to Donate numbers out on your church bulletin or snail mailings so people can find them easily and give on the spot

1. Go to your Continue to Give profile and click the green "Get a QR-Code" button, or copy your text to donate number under your QR code.
2. Choose which QR code size you will need then grab and drag it to your desktop as a png.
3. Print your QR code and Text to Donate number on any type of Media.

Congratulations! You are now set up to receive donations through mobile devices.
Don't know what a QR code is? A smartphone readable square that allows people to donate to your cause right from there phone!
Click this button on your Continue to Give profile page to get your badge!

Online with Badges

Badges allow donors to easily donate right on your organization's website without having to be redirected.

1. Go to your Continue to Give profile and click the "Create a Badge"
2. Browse our array of badge styles by clicking on the drop down bars
3. Once you have selected a style you can change the badge color by using the color wheel above
4. Once everything is the way you like it press the "Click here to get the code needed to display this badge on your website!" to get the code you need.
5. Put that code into your organization's website to display your badge

Congratulations you now have a quick easy way for people to give right on your website!
Click this image to download the free offering kiosk app!

Offering Kiosk App and Stands

The offering kiosk app allows donors to give right then and there at the kiosk stand! Great for church tithing and fundraising events!

Downloading our App
1. When on your Ipad go to
2. From there click on the green "Download Now" button

Setting Up Your App
1. Click the green "Go to Setup" button on the bottom of your screen
2. Create your security pin.
3. Search for your church, organization, or personal fundraising page
4. At the top choose from either "Giving Mode" or "Point of Sale Mode" and start receiving donations!

When on an Ipad or smartphone click the kiosk stand image on the right to download our free app!

Receiving Donations on Facebook

Not only can you make a badge so donors can give on your personal website, but now you can make a badge so anyone can donate on your facebook page!

1. Go to your Continue to Give profile and click the "create a badge"
2. Choose the Facbook Instructions badge and follow the step by step instructions

Congratulations you can now receive donations over facebook!
Now, no matter which avenue your donors choose you can accommodate them!
Churches and Nonprofits receive $100 off your first kiosk stand order, plus a free card reader (worth $100) with each kiosk stand ordered!


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