Friday, August 29, 2014

4 Tips on How to Increase Giving to Your Charity

1. Have easy avenues for your donors to give. This includes a donate button on your website and facebook page, a mobile option on a poster or in your newsletter, or a kiosk stand at your public events. The more avenues you add, the more chances you will open to donations. Click here to set up online giving for your organization!

2. Ask for a specific low amount and tell the giver what that donation will go towards. For example, ask for $5, $10, or $20. In addition, add a caption that says "Your $10 donations will feed a starving child today.." or something like that. Let the donor feel responsible for the good he/she is doing.

3. Try not to sound too technical and have positive language. Don't say things like 'if you don't donate $10 a child will starve today'. Be positive and uplifting.  Make that person feel good right away by taking away any guilt trip feelings and by letting them know they have a choice. In addition, don't be too technical with your wording. Keep it short and simple. The average donor wants to know exactly how they are helping not all the technical details of it. Wording that is too technical can confuse the donor as to what the donation goes towards. If they want to learn more direct them to a blog or have a number or email they can correspond with you.

4. Generational Differences play a huge role in how you should advertise your charity events. Read more about generational differences and how you can cater to every age.


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