Monday, August 18, 2014

Fundraising and Adoption

Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

Continue to Give has teamed up with Resources for Adoption to bring you support, advice, and even more tools than before to bring your child home!
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We know adoption is expensive and raising the needed funds can be difficult. Thats why we are here to help you!
Remember you are not alone! A lot of families have fundraised for their adoption and have met their goal and you can to!
Besides just giving you the tools you need to collect from donors we want to give you tools on how to fundraise and other support groups and avenues that you will need along the way!

Resources for Adoption

Resources4adoption, Inc. is a Kansas based Non-profit organization dedicated to helping unite orphans with their forever families by removing financial barriers to adoption and supporting foster and adoptive families.

Visit Resources for Adoptions website for adoption information kits, grant options, and so much more!
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Our Adoption Consultant: Tina Jensen

If you want to talk with someone who has been in the same boat as you, had to fundraise an adoption, had to march through all the paperwork and regulations, then we have you covered!
We have an on staff consultant who just recently adopted from Ethiopia! Tina is ready to answer your adoption questions and get you in the right direction. Some highlighted insight to what she can help you with:
1. Fundraising Ideas
2. LoveAuctions
3. Legalities
4. Support
5. Getting Started
6. And so Much More

If you would like to get in contact with Tina and get the advice you need you can email her at:
Tina Jensen's Consulting is a free service with your Continue to Give profile!
Be prepared to achieve your goal!


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