Friday, August 29, 2014

4 Tips on How to Increase Giving to Your Charity

1. Have easy avenues for your donors to give. This includes a donate button on your website and facebook page, a mobile option on a poster or in your newsletter, or a kiosk stand at your public events. The more avenues you add, the more chances you will open to donations. Click here to set up online giving for your organization!

2. Ask for a specific low amount and tell the giver what that donation will go towards. For example, ask for $5, $10, or $20. In addition, add a caption that says "Your $10 donations will feed a starving child today.." or something like that. Let the donor feel responsible for the good he/she is doing.

3. Try not to sound too technical and have positive language. Don't say things like 'if you don't donate $10 a child will starve today'. Be positive and uplifting.  Make that person feel good right away by taking away any guilt trip feelings and by letting them know they have a choice. In addition, don't be too technical with your wording. Keep it short and simple. The average donor wants to know exactly how they are helping not all the technical details of it. Wording that is too technical can confuse the donor as to what the donation goes towards. If they want to learn more direct them to a blog or have a number or email they can correspond with you.

4. Generational Differences play a huge role in how you should advertise your charity events. Read more about generational differences and how you can cater to every age.

Why Pay and Incorporate Online Giving?

Fees Fees and More Fees

Shouldn't an organization receive all of it's donations free of charge? When you give in a check or cash you receive all of the money not just some of it right? Why should my church, organization, or fundraiser have to have a portion of the donation taken away in fees?

These are the questions plaguing the non-profit world. Lets face it, we don't want to have to pay fees just to collect donations we work so hard to get in the first place. Our charity runs off and needs those donations to keep doing the good work of making this world a better place, right? Then why pay the fees?

A common misconception: Charities keep all check and cash donations.

Yes, they do and they don't in a way. Charities need to pay staff members so the charity can exist. In addition, they have to buy accounting software, CRM software, and maybe even pay monthly fees for different software that they use. These are fees that take away from the donation. In addition, online giving is a service and really should be seen is similar terms as accounting software, church crm, snail mailing printouts, etc. Yes, I know it's one more cost to the list but just like those other things you pay for it is worth it. Plus, online giving can increase your bottom line!

Where does that money go that you pay in fees to online giving?

It goes towards new technology features to make the online, mobile, and kiosk giving process easier for you! It also goes to the salary of the customer service people that help you out when you have a question. Thirdly, it goes to the physical and government regulated movement of money from one bank account to the next so that you receive your donation. Lastly, that small fee keeps that service around for you to use!

Why Invest?

You probably already know why, because your donors have been asking you for an easy electronic giving avenue, right? This is the best answer. You need to make the donations process easy for the donor so that they continue to donate and thats why we have built you all these tools to accommodate them!

How it can benefit you.

Crowdfunding and electronic giving has proven to increase donations to charity. Crowdfunding allows your cause to go viral receiving donations from friends of friends of your donors. Those would be donations you never would have received! Mobile and Kiosk options allow your organization receive donations at social events when someone wants to use their ACH or Credit card to donate. Using electronic giving and in-person giving at the same time will only increase your chances for more donations.

Recurring donations are huge. People get busy all the time and cannot make it to social gatherings to donate. Recurring donations can be set up one time and can stay setup for out to three years! Plus you can budget your charity better when you can count on recurring donations. This will take out the gaps in your giving and make giving more regular.

Accommodate your giver. The bottom line is the donor. You need to be able to accommodate all avenues that they wish to give. This is what keeps them giving to you.

With online and in-person giving it never hurts to do both! Your giving can only increase with more giving avenues!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Online, Mobile, and Kiosk Giving for Churches and Nonprofits!

Online, mobile, and kiosk giving has become very important in this day in age for your congregation. If your church needs online giving that is user friendly and secure checkout Continue to Give's online, mobile, and kiosk option for electronic giving!

Sign up with Continue to Give for transaction rates starting at as little as .5% with no setup or monthly costs and:

1. Accept tithes and donations on your organization's website
2. Have mobile, kiosk, and online options for donors to give
3. Create unlimited projects
4. Have missionary support
5. Accept Credit Card and ACH payments for donations
6. Let your donors set up recurring donations
7. Connect with your blog and keep donors up to date
8. Use crowdfunding to reach your goals
9. Collect Registration fees
10. Contact your donors with an internal mailing system
11. And so much more!

Learn More About Our Rates for Online Giving for Churches

If you would like to talk to 
one of our representatives to learn more about Continue to Give and online giving call us at 800-684-0550 today! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Online Giving Rates!



Continue to Give strives to keep its rates the lowest in the industry. We have no set up or monthly fees, and we only charge transaction fees starting for as little at .5%+ .30!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Increase your donations by understanding generational differences.

Four Main Groups 

There are four different generations and each has a different way they can help with your cause and each generation has different giving patterns. If you can learn these patterns and put them into practice for your marketing you may be able to increase your giving.

Generation Y ages 18-32: 

11% of Giving

This is the generation that uses social media and would work great for crowdfunding. This group will be more motivated by projects versus a general fund. For example, if your organization builds wells in Africa, feeds local children, buys clothes for orphans, then instead of having one general fund where people can donate have different projects associated with each way your organization is making a difference in the world. This gives a sense of intimacy between the donor and the cause. It’s like they are almost buying a can of beans right off the shelf and then handing them to a person in need. There is more donor satisfaction this way. This generation wants to see where their donation is going and exactly how they are helping make the world a better place. 

Generation X ages 33-48: 

20% Giving

This generation is busy with raising families and furthering careers. They need a simple convenient fast method that they can donate through and then get back to what they need to do. Things such as online giving that is simple and right on your organizations website will work.  Also, connect with a corporate business and have them market you as their charity to their workers and have easy ways for donations. Email marketing with a link to your donation form would also be a quick and easy way for donors to donate. Since this generation is all about time the quicker they can donate the better.

Baby Boomers: 49-67: 

43% of Giving

This is the largest group of all the generations and this may be your focus point. This generation wants to know that the company is reputable. Maybe have some facts of what your organization has done over the years or what credentials it has. Don't let their age fool you they are just as willing to donate on their mobile phone as they are to donate to you through the mail.

Matures 68 and up: 

26% of Giving

This generation is willing to give with the new technology avenues but are very responsive to a phone call or mailing.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tupperware Fundraiser: You keep 40%!

tupper logo1

Fundraising with Tupperware

Great for adoptions, personal fundraisers, missionaries, youth groups, and whatever else you might be fundraising for!


Meet Kristin

My name is Kristin! I would love to kick start your fundraiser by offering you 40% of tupperware sales. Give me a call today and I can send you your free tupperware catalogs so you can start selling tupperware and start reaching your fundraising goal!
Start your fundraiser with me today by calling me at 407-718-9133!

What's in it for you and How it works

You keep 40% of your tupperware sales!

1. Contact Kristin to get your free catalogs
2. Tell everyone you know that you are selling tupperware for your fundraiser
3. Show them all of the different tupperware they can purchase from your brochure
4. Have them pay for the tupperware on your Continue to Give profile page or set up a Giving Page for your tupperware sale
5. Once you have a big order of tupperware from your supporters, order their tupperware and pay 60% of your sales. You keep the rest!


Q: How do I get my tupperware catalog to show people what they can buy? Does it cost anything?
A: You can contact Kristin to get your catalogs. No, there is no cost for these.
Q: How do I get the tupperware to the people that ordered it? Do I have to pay shipping?
A: Kristin will send all of your tupperware to your house, church, or non-profit's address. No, you will not be charged for shipping.
Q: Do I have to pay anything to start?
A: No, you do not pay anything upfront. You only owe 60% of your tupperware sales to purchase the tupperware for people that have already ordered and you keep the other 40%!
Q: Is there a minimum that I have to sell?
A: No, there is no minimum.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fundraising and Adoption

Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

Continue to Give has teamed up with Resources for Adoption to bring you support, advice, and even more tools than before to bring your child home!
images  1


We know adoption is expensive and raising the needed funds can be difficult. Thats why we are here to help you!
Remember you are not alone! A lot of families have fundraised for their adoption and have met their goal and you can to!
Besides just giving you the tools you need to collect from donors we want to give you tools on how to fundraise and other support groups and avenues that you will need along the way!

Resources for Adoption

Resources4adoption, Inc. is a Kansas based Non-profit organization dedicated to helping unite orphans with their forever families by removing financial barriers to adoption and supporting foster and adoptive families.

Visit Resources for Adoptions website for adoption information kits, grant options, and so much more!
mediarequest  1

Our Adoption Consultant: Tina Jensen

If you want to talk with someone who has been in the same boat as you, had to fundraise an adoption, had to march through all the paperwork and regulations, then we have you covered!
We have an on staff consultant who just recently adopted from Ethiopia! Tina is ready to answer your adoption questions and get you in the right direction. Some highlighted insight to what she can help you with:
1. Fundraising Ideas
2. LoveAuctions
3. Legalities
4. Support
5. Getting Started
6. And so Much More

If you would like to get in contact with Tina and get the advice you need you can email her at:
Tina Jensen's Consulting is a free service with your Continue to Give profile!
Be prepared to achieve your goal!

Newsletter Sign Up!

Sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date on what's happening with fundraising and to get tips on how to make your Continue to Give fundraiser succeed! Just click on the link below!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What to Do with QR Codes?

Fundraising Idea

Don't know what to use your QR codes for? Check this out!

1377199 10200671346413079 1516806196 n

Donation Business Cards

Get creative by putting your QR code and the name of your adoption or personal fundraiser on a business card. Keep them in your purse or car in case you meet someone who wants to donate. Simply hand out the card and they can donate with their phone, or they can take it home and donate later. Who knows they may donate and share you card with someone else!
Stay tuned for more ideas or submit your fundraising idea by email to have it spotlighted in a newsletter!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Online Giving Fee Trap!

The Online Giving Fee Trap! Watch out for unnecessary fees when setting up online giving!

Don't Pay More Then You have To
There are a lot of companies out there that allow your church or organization to get set up with online giving including online, mobile, and kiosk. But there are a lot of unnecessary fees! Read this article to be aware of unnecessary fees and how you can avoid them.

Set Up Costs
You should never, and I mean never, pay for set up costs. Especially if those set up costs are for each avenue of giving. For example, some companies have you pay for your online donation avenue and then if you want mobile you have to pay an mobile setup cost on top of that. These costs can be completely avoided and are just an extra cost to your church or organization. Don't pay them just move on to the next company that doesn't require that unnecessary fee. 

Service Charges
You should never pay a service charge on top of your transaction fees. This is an unnecessary cost to your church. A service charge can be a set dollar amount or it can be a percentage of your donations but you shouldn't have to pay either
. Like in the set up costs if there is a service charge in addition to your transaction costs just move on to the next company that doesn't charge you a service charge.

Transaction Costs
Yes, this is a real fee and no matter where you go you need to pay this. However, be on the lookout for excessive transaction costs. Anything over 3% is a high transaction cost for non-profits and churches. Anything over 5% is high for individuals. If you want to save money look for a company that has a transaction cost split where they charge a different fee for ACH then they do Credit Card. ACH is a cheaper method of accepting donations and you can greatly reduce your transaction costs by asking your donors, or even having the ability for your donors to choose, ACH payment methods.

Monthly or Yearly Costs

This is a little bit of a muddy water cost. A lot of places do charge a monthly cost but there a few that don't. (If the company doesn't charge a monthly cost that mean they are covering that cost for you.) If the transaction rate is the same between two companies and one has a monthly cost then of course go with the one without the monthly cost. However, if they seem comparable in that the transaction rates are significantly lower and the monthly cost is very low then you might have to do some math to see which would be cheaper for your church. 

You can find our rates here to compare them with other companies