Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recurring Donations

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

Recurring donations are important for your cause. In this newsletter you can read about how the recurring donations process works and how you can help your donors set one up or manage an existing one.
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How to Create a Recurring Donation

When a donor is putting in their information to make a donation there is a drop down tab called "Periods." This tab allows the donor to set up recurring donations weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. If they want to only donate this one time the default setting is a one time donation.

How to Manage Recurring Donations

If someone has already set up a recurring donation and would like to extent it, suspend/unsuspend it, or cancel it you can tell them how by following these easy steps. Suspending a donation will pause that transaction until it has been un-paused or unsuspended.
1. Direct them to log in and go to their dashboard by clicking the "Home" button on the top right corner of the page.
2. Click on the "Reporting Tools" tab on the left hand side.
3. Click on the "Recurring Donations I Make" tab.
4. Find the recurring donation they want to change and click the "View More" button under the "View/Modify" column.
5. Now they can choose to terminate, suspend, and extend the number of periods for their donation.

One thing that cannot be changed is the type of donation period. For example if you had a recurring donation that was $10 weekly, you cannot change it to monthly. To change this simply terminate the existing recurring donation and create a new one.

View Your Recurring Donations

You can view your recurring donations anytime by going to your reporting tools. Follow these steps:
1. While logged in click on the "Home" text in the upper right of the website.
2. Click on the "Reporting Tools" tab on the left side.

Now you can see who has a recurring donation set up with you.


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