Thursday, August 7, 2014

Missionary Support

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

Missionary support allows you to add missionaries under your church profile! Now missionaries can get the church/non-profit rate instead of the individual rate!



What is a Missionary Account?

Missionaries are another subset of the church account. The money that is donated to a Missionary flows through the Missionary's Continue to Give profile page into the church bank account. Then the church in turn allocates the money the missionary collected to the missionary. 
All donations given to the Missionary are easily trackable by using your reporting tools!
In addition, the Missionary has their own profile page, can make their own projects, and have access to all their own tools! This will allow the missionary to take charge of raising their own funds!

To be a missionary of a church, go to and create an individual fundraising page. Then, search for your church and request to be a missionary of that church! Once the your church accepts your request you are ready to go!

How to Set Up Missionary Support

Missionary Support is similar to a friends request.
1. While logged into your church Continue to Give account, turn on your missionary support by going into your dashboard and clicking on the "Fundraising" tab
2. Have your missionary set up a missionary profile page and send a request to your church to become a missionary of your church profile.
3. Once you receive that request accept it!

Congratulations! You now have missionary support!

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