Thursday, August 7, 2014

Promoting Your Cause

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal! 

In this newsletter you can learn how to promote your tools to collect donations. Promoting your tools is very important. People want to give to your cause and now you can show them just how easy giving can be!

Promoting Your Fundraising Goal

Watch Your Fundraiser Meet Its Goal!

Promoting Your Fundraiser

Lets get your donors on board and informed about what your exciting fundraiser is going to do! Here are some tips on how to introduce your givers to donating through your new Continue to Give easy giving avenues.
1. Make an announcement from the pulpit, in a newsletter, or in your church bulletin that you have a new way to receive donations.
2. Send out an email to your supporters reminding them and showing them the new ways they can easily donate and even set up a worry free recurring donation.
3. Share your Continue to Give profile on facebook.

Remember keep your donors up to date on your new giving avenues. Let them know you've made the switch to Continue to Give!

QR Codes

▪ Churches: Print your personalized QR code in your church bulletin so that anytime during the service the congregation can take there time to give right on there mobile phone.
▪ Missionaries, Individuals, Nonprofits: Save money by printing your QR code in your newsletter instead of sending personalized and stamped return letters!
▪ Anyone: Make posters and make sure to print your QR code on them. That way anyone who sees it can quickly use their smartphone to give!

Offering Kiosk

▪ Churches: Set up your kiosk stand right outside your church sanctuary. This will allow your congregation to give before and after the service.
▪ Anyone: Bring your Ipad set up with your Continue to Give giving app and your card reader to a fundraising event. Allow people to give with their credit card right at the event!
▪ Use our point of sale mode for quick fundraising purchases. Now you can sell those candy bars or run your fundraising bake sale and take credit cards! You can also use our point of sale mode for payment of fundraising silent auctions!


▪ Choose your badge and integrate it to your personal website! Now anyone who visits your homepage can give without being redirected.
▪ You can also set up a giving page on your facebook page! Imagine everyone who likes your page will see and can donate without ever leaving facebook!
Remember only your creativity is the limit to what you can use our free tools for!


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