Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Churches and Online Tithing: A beginners guide to online donations.

In today's age it's important to stay up to date on technology. Computers, Smart phones, Kiosks, Apps, etc. the list goes on and on of what new avenues are coming to light in the church realm. Some churches already do online fundraising and are very familiar with all the new gadgets associated with it. However, there are some churches who have not looked into online giving yet and have no idea how it works and what trap of fees they might fall into. In this article, I'm going to go over what online giving is and how you can use online giving in your church.

Online giving is a way for churches to collect tithes and donations online through a website, on a phone, or on a kiosk.

For online methods: When someone is on your church website there can be a button that allows that person to give to the church. It doesn't have to be big or anything. It can just be another tab that says "Give to the Church." This button will be affiliated with a piece of code that will allow a donor to give right from your church website. This can increase your donations because that same person can set up recurring donations whether it's for tithing or for a new church project. Now just think of this for a second. During vacation season most people forget to tithe to the church because they are on vacation and did not step into the church building that Sunday to drop off their offering in the plate. Now they can go online and give their tithe from a computer whenever they are! In addition, you can always send out an email with a link to your donation page reminding families that they can tithe online. This will increase your reach to your congregation.

For Mobile: Churches should also look into mobile donations. Now-a-days with smart phones people can scan whats called a QR code. This will allow the congregation to give on a mobile device. In addition, there are text to donate numbers that allow congregation members to give through texting methods. (We recommend text to donate links instead of text to donate through phone providers. Be on the look out for our blog on why text to donate through phone providers might run you into trouble.) With QR codes and Text to Donate numbers, you can print them in any media. Now church members can see them in their bulletin and can easily donate anytime before, during, or after the service. These are also great for youth fundraising events or snail mail newsletters. This can also save the church money by printing a QR code and link for online donations instead of sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Kiosk Stands: Kiosk stand are great for church tithing. This is like a virtual offering plate that can sit right outside your sanctuary. Your congregation can go to the kiosk stand and make a donation to the church or even set up their recurring donation. This is also great because it can provide the time and place needed to help out folks that are not technology savvy to get setup with a recurring donation or show them how to make their tithe on the offering kiosk.

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