Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Getting the Most out of Continue to Give

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Now that you have started to receive donations let me show you how you can use our reporting tools for bookkeeping.

Reporting Tools

Accessing Your Reporting Tools

You can access your reporting tools anytime by going to your dashboard. Follow these steps to get to your reporting tools:
1. While logged in click on the "Home" text in the upper right of the website.
2. Click on the "Reporting Tools" tab on the left side.

Your reporting tool options and what they can do for you!

▪ TRANSACTIONS I RECEIVED- Click on this tab to download all your donations for easy bookkeeping. You can use the different filters to pinpoint your donations by a time frame or project. Then you can export that data by clicking on the "Export to CSV"
▪ RECURRING TRANSACTIONS I RECEIVE- Now you can see who has a recurring donation set up with you.
▪ ENVELOPE NUMBERS- Here you can import or manually enter your envelope numbers for each donor. Once added here, your exports will include the envelope number based on a first and last name match.
▪ RECURRING DONATIONS I MAKE- Manage recurring donations you have setup.
▪ DONATIONS MADE- Look at donations you have made.
▪ OFFLINE DONATIONS- Manually enter donations not made online to be added to your donation list.
▪ MONTHLY INVOICES- Export your monthly invoices.


Don't worry we've got you covered! Every time a donor gives we send them a receipt to their email and you a copy of it!
Enjoy your easy bookkeeping!


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