Friday, September 19, 2014

Successful Fundraising!

We love to see you reach your fundraising goals!

We interviewed Krista with Chances 4 Children who was raising money for women in Haiti to learn how to make jewelry to make a sustainable living for their families. We talked to Krista to see what fundraising methods she used to reach her fundraising goal with Continue to Give and to see how Krista liked working with us! Below are Krista's answers.

1. What tools did you use the most? Donor tracking, online giving profile, and social media crowdfunding tools.

2. Were you happy with Continue to Give's rates? Yes!

3. Did you have anything creative that you used us for? Crowdfunding and sharing on social media. 

4. How would you rate using Continue to Give and our tools on a scale from 1 to 10? 10!

5. Would you use Continue to Give again for fundraising? Yes!

Krista also commented:  Fundraising with Continue to Give was Great! Donors said it was really easy! Faith based!

See how your fundraiser can take off just like Chances 4 Children! Set one up today!


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