Wednesday, September 17, 2014

See why everyone is choosing Continue to Give to Fundraise for their Adoption!

We know adoption is expensive and raising the needed funds can be difficult. That is why we are here to help you!

Remember you are not alone! A lot of families have fundraised for their adoption and have exceeded their fundraising goal amount and you can to!

Continue to Give offers adopting family the chance to collect donations online, on Facebook, and through mobile devices. Your fundraiser will reach its goal by allowing you to accept Credit Card donations from anyone who feels lead to give to your adoption!

We want to give you the chance to tell your story to the world and let the world help make your goal possible!

Here is why families are choosing Continue to Give:

1. We give you your own fundraising profile page with a custom URL!

2. We give you the ability to connect, share, and crowdfund with your social media pages!

3. We give you the ability to accept online donations from anyone anywhere in the world!

4. We offer you all different ways to receive donations! Mobile, Facebook, Blog, Online!

5. We take care of the receipting for you and you can add your custom message!

6. We offer you the chance to tell your story by connecting your blog to your Continue to Give profile so everyone can stay involved!

7. We connect you with a profile manager to give you insight and ideas to make your fundraiser a success!

8. Make an online adoption silent auction and let your bidders pay on your Continue to Give profile!

9. We bring you a community of support! 

10. We have the lowest rates! Compare our rates to GoFundMe and you will see that we charge HALF as much! That’s a big difference! Don't lose out on your donation by paying transaction costs.

How to Get Started? Click Here!

Create a personal fundraising page. Put up pictures. Tell your story. Share it with your friends! Watch your world thermometer climb to the top of your fundraising goal! Bring your child home!


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    The rhythm of travel is a lot different than the rhythm of our daily commute, plus we know it will lead to a better place. So the music we choose for our vacation is often not what we would listen to at home. Now you can easily share music and thoughts even while traveling with Shagle app around the world. Some like a wandering, almost transient sound, while others like to listen to songs about the place they are going.

    Road trips seem to call for good old American rock and roll

    Who has not, during their younger years, roared down the highway with the windows down and the stereo blaring Born to Be Wild? The same heart-pumping, foot-tapping exciting sound cannot be found in other genres. Alternatively, the sad and solitary journey on a long-distance bus ride can only be paired with songs like The Boxer by Paul Simon or Peter, Paul and Mary’s version of Leaving on a Jet Plane. Yes, they are classics, but they fit with the feeling of a lonely ride home to see family for Christmas.

    Spring break brings visions of college and university students going down to Florida or Mexico for a week of fun. Days on the beach and nights at the local clubs bring to mind the energetic Latin beats of Salsa music and its sexy lyrics. Most bars and resorts in Mexico have house bands who will play local songs well into the night, as long as you are grooving along with them. Some prefer to visit a resort more romantically, either with a love interest or friends. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, flying to a remote destination to be pampered fits well with Victor Deme’s song Djon Maya. It is a great example of a slow love song escalating into a passionate plea for forgiveness.

    Cruising is a whole other kind of travel, and the choices for music are diverse

    Most cruise ships offer a very varied selection of choices in live music for their guests, but what if you want to build your playlist? The crashing waves and gentle rocking of ocean travel require just as gentle a soundtrack. How about some of the classic and soft selections from Neil Young or Fleetwood Mac? Even Creedence Clearwater Revival has some iconic tunes that would be great on the water, such as I Heard It Through The Grapevine and Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

    A trip to anywhere that celebrates Mardi Gras is not complete without a healthy dose of jazz. New Orleans is said to be the birthplace of blues and jazz, but Dixieland jazz was what emerged from New Orleans, not jazz itself. The big band-style swing music combined with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Jazz produced what we now know as ‘Nujazz’. If you prefer a backbeat to your music, try out artists like Shirley Bassey and The Propellerheads. Bassey is an accomplished jazz artist, but she also pumps it up a notch to include hip hop from time to time.

    Foreign travel is an entirely different story when it comes to music

    English clubs are notorious for the razor-sharp techno music they play, as are the artists that arise from the country. On the other hand, quality rappers are also coming up on the charts. Although these musicians are mirroring the stylings of American artists, they add their flavor as well. So on the playlist for travel to England, the choices would have to be Pump Friction, Pet Shop Boys, Lisa Stansfield, and of course both the pop and jazz songs of Robbie Williams.

    Music enhances our daily lives in so many ways, our vacations should be no different. So, wherever you go, however you get there, try to find the rhythm of the journey and match it up with a great selection of music.

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