Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Increase Giving: How to Stay Connected with Your Givers!

Increase your donations by staying connected with your givers.

It's very important to stay connected with the people that give to your fundraiser. Keeping them up to date on what your organization is doing, what projects you have started or completed, or just basic knowledge of what is going on is very important.

Keeping your donors up to date can increase giving and keep people giving regularly. All you need to do is keep them informed. So how do you do that? Create some sort of online community, whether it's a blog, online giving profile, facebook page, projects, newsletters, etc. Sounds like a lot of extra work to try all those avenues? But it doesn't have to be!

With your Continue to Give fundraising page you can keep everyone up to date on what you are doing and how their money is impacting your organization. The more they know the more they will be willing to give!

Here are some tips:

1) Connect your blog to your profile. This way anyone who follows or has donated to your Continue to Give fundraiser will get an email when you add a new blog post. Givers can also see all your blog posts on your Continue to Give profile page. They can read about what you are doing and then give to you right then and there!

2) Snap some pictures and add some videos a couple times a year and upload them to your Continue to Give profile. Now your givers can integrate with your organization and what you are doing.

3) Create projects or Giving Pages with clear calls to action! What is this project/giving page raising money for? For example are you building a church in Africa? Then call your project "Raising Money to Build a Church in Africa." Be very specific. Write a description of where the church will go and take some pictures of the process and how close the church is to being complete. Then blog about it and share that current project!

4) At least once a year blog about the donor. Let them know exact accomplishments that would not have been made possible without their support. Let them feel responsible for the good that is being done

Whenever your giving is low just think about how you can get and stay connected with your givers. Maybe you even need to pay them a visit or a phone call just to keep them updated on how things are going!


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